Download, Every, CFML Version.. Ever!

Once of the big things I am always asked online is by most beginners is.. where can I find a ColdFusion Installation (free or near free)…. I then explain that to develop locally you can use Adobe’s ColdFusion or other flavors like Luceeor Railo… Most of us usually begin with Adobe (because it’s the easiest to install and get going, but in some cases especially in production many choose other platforms that do, basically, the same thing!

Note: My next post will walk through getting CF installed and take you step by step... so hang tight for that... it's coming soon!

Now most individuals that are starting out have no clue what they want to run… and that’s fine.. when you’re starting out you just want to get it installed and running….so you can start the fun part, coding! I was the same way in the beginning…. so I usually point them to Adobe… and help them when they run into issues….. However did you know that there is an online solution that has, every install released (versioned, and ready to download?) … Say Hello, to CFML Repo….

The site currently leverages Google Drive… and shows you the following:

You can access Railo, Lucee, Adobe ColdFusion and VM’s and IDEs….. so that’s pretty neat… and useful…. So that’s it… pretty simple… very convenient and a great resource to get your installs (when you can’t find them anywhere else!)

Calling all CFers…. Let’s make history…. Again!

Wanna help? Let us know!

Over the next few weeks I am going to be working through about 80 tutorials to teach ColdFusion again… from the ground.. up…. everything from 101 (output) to using Web Sockets and Mobile Interfaces, Printing and Spreadsheets and more!

Want to help? Got a particular tutorial you want to write or see? Hit me up….

Shoot me an email to:

This is currently running on WordPress, so I can send you an invite and you can help… the more… the merrier…. shot out!